The Joseph and Corinne Schwartz Beth Israel Community Learning Lab provides a quality Jewish education and is committed to developing the creativity and potential of each child, along with vigorous intellectual growth.

The school’s goals are to instill in children a positive Jewish identity, a love of Judaism and a desire to live the Jewish life through the study of the Hebrew language, Bible, holidays, prayer, social studies and experiential programs.

Family educational experiences are an essential aspect of our curriculum, including Shabbat dinners, retreats, family services, study sessions and art projects. Each year students participate in age-appropriate family and synagogue programs.

Beth Israel helps build lifelong Judaic skills by combining a modern Conservative Jewish approach with tradition, thus instilling a pride and love for these traditions, as well as an understanding that Judaism is vibrant, creative and relevant to us today.

Give your child a positive Jewish identity, a love of Judaism, and a desire to learn about living Jewishly. Exciting hands-on programs, student-centered classes, family programming and a dedicated faculty at Beth Israel’s Community Learning Lab fosters a love of Judaism in today’s world. At Beth Israel’s Community Learning Lab, children can enrich their knowledge and make a connection to their faith.

Community Learning Lab events:

  • Participation in Field trips and community-wide events
  • Family programs
  • Art
  • Music and Choir
  • Youth groups for all grades
  • Jewish Holiday programs
  • Community service events