Upcoming Events at Beth Israel Congregation

Erev Shavuot

Tuesday, May 30 

7pm  Erev Shavuot Service and Ma’alot Graduation
7:45pm  Learning Program: Blatt vs. Blatt"“What does Judaism say about being a vegetarian (or not)?"  Rabbi Rachel Blatt and Rabbi Marc Blatt debate the sides.

One Rabbi Blatt says:
It takes over 2,400 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat.  It only takes about 25 gallons to produce one pound of wheat.  The ecological issues are just a start.

God did not want us to eat meat, but gave temporary permission to do until so a “brighter era” is reached.  If we are meant to be vegetarian in Messianic times, why not work toward that goal now?

Another Rabbi Blatt says:
God would not allow us to do something that is a sin.  This is why we have kashrut which gives us boundaries which allow us the ability to enjoy a healthy diet while also respecting God’s creations.

The rabbis also tell us that there is no celebration without meat and wine!  Let’s enjoy in the way the rabbis intended! 

Join the Rabbis Blatt in conversation as we explore texts and debate the topics!

Contact: Rabbi Rachel Blatt, 410-654-0803, x215