Upcoming Events at Beth Israel Congregation

Annual Meeting of the Congregation

Wednesday, May 17, 6:45pm 

6:45 pm

Refreshments and Snacks

7:00 pm

We Remember....

A remembrance of Beth Israel Members who have passed away over the past year

Memorial Prayer

Annual Meeting:

Election of Officers and Board of Trustees

Report to the Congregation

Followed by a Special Presentation:

Breast Cancer and the BRCA II Gene

Please join Dr. Danielle (Dee Dee) Shiller, board certified gynecologist and osteopath, as she speaks about breast cancer, the BRCA II gene and women’s health.  Nisa Felps, a breast cancer survivor will share her story as well.  

DNA testing for this gene mutation will be offered to any interested person.  Under some circumstances, the test is free.  If you are of Ashkanizi decent, don’t miss this opportunity.

Sponsored by Sisterhood

The following is the slate of Officers and new Board of Trustees members proposed for the 2017-2018 year to be voted on at the Annual Meeting: 
  • President: Marc Hertzberg
  • 1st Vice President: Heidi Hoffman
  • 2nd Vice President: Scott Gensler
  • 3rd Vice President: Ellie Feinerman
  • Treasurer: Len Rus  
  • Financial Secretary: Beth Hecht
  • Recording Secretary: Jason Taule
  • Corresponding Secretary: Melissa Adler
Board of Trustees:
1st Year of First Term:
  • Jeffrey Blum
  • Ira Bormel
  • Whitney Ehrlich
  • Risa Hurwitz
  • Randy Komenski
  • Randi Kraus
  • Aliza Rothenberg
  • Barry Weiss
  • Josh Zukerberg
1st Year of Second Term:
  • David Madoff,
  • Randall Singer


Questions? Andy Katz, 410-654-0800